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Life stinks.

Let's make it better through great storytelling



Hey there! My name's Nina Di Salvo, I'm a film director and production designer originally from a small town outside of Akron, Ohio (home to both Jim Jarmusch and Lebron James). I started off my career as a performing artist, working for various theaters in northeast Ohio before transitioning to Orlando, Florida to work as a character performer for the Walt Disney Company. 

I later attended the Savannah College of Art and Design and earned my BFA in film in television production after working on over 56 films in a variety of formats. Before graduating, I had the opportunity to work on a short film in Rome, Italy, which was an absolute dream to live and work in Europe, and previous to that, worked on a documentary in Lima, Peru. Whether short narratives, documentaries, music videos, art installations, television series, web series, or feature films, I've worked in almost every medium and held practically every position one can have on or off set, finding myself frequently working in the art department, production, or direction. You can trust with me with your next baby, film, video, or the like, because I truly know that every detail counts.

I am currently based in New York City and writing my first feature film, VADA, while continuing to work on video and short form projects. When I'm not on set, you can most likely find me at the Metrograph, Film at Lincoln Center, a coffee shop that actually has wifi, or second hand bookstores in the art section. Please feel free to reach out if you're longing for a friend to watch screeners with, thoughtful conversation over a (too hot) cup of coffee, or to exchange ideas and collaborate. Cheers, dears!

Education and Training
My education is very important to me and I am constantly seeking training, whether at the individual level or classroom setting. Here is the background I take with me when we work together:
Geography, Geology, Anthropology

A.P. Human Geography, THS 2012

Introduction to Geography, UA 2012

World Geography, KSU 2014

Geography of Europe, KSU 2014

Special Topics in Geography, Peru, KSU 2013

Earth Dynamics, KSU 2012

Earth Dynamics Lab, KSU 2013

Cultural Anthropology, KSU 2013

Art and Architectural History

Art History I, SCAD, 2014

Art History II, KSU, 2013

Architectural History I: 1600-1850, SCAD, 2016


Drawing I, SCAD, 2014

Drawing II, SCAD, 2015

Design I, SCAD, 2014

Design II, SCAD, 2015

Color Theory, SCAD, 2014


Pre-Cecchetti, AADbK 2010

Cecchetti I, AABbK 2011

Cecchetti II, AADbk 2012

Jazz, AADbK 2011-2012

Jazz I, KSU, 2012

Modern, UA 2012

Tap, KSU 2013


Fairy Tales, KSU, 2013

Gender in Literature, KSU, 2013


Introduction to Business, SCAD, 2015

Microeconomics, KSU, 2014

Production Design

Fundamentals of Design I: Scenic and

Property Design, KSU, 2012

Fundamentals of Design I: Lab, KSU, 2012

Fundamentals of Design II: Costume and Lighting Design, KSU, 2013

Fundamentals of Design II: Lab, KSU, 2013

Stagecraft, TACA, 2010

CAD, TACA, 2010

Scenic Design, TACA, 2011

Script Analysis, SCAD, 2015


Performance I, KSU 2012

Acting for the Camera I, SCAD, 2015

Voice I, SCAD 2016

Method Acting Workshops, TACA, 2010

Suzuki Method Workshop, TACA, 2011

Chekov Acting Workshops, TACA, 2011


Introduction to Film, SCAD, 2014

Preproduction, SCAD, 2015

Introduction to Screenwriting, SCAD, 2015

Lighting and Field, SCAD, 2015

Post Production, SCAD, 2015

Introduction to Sound Design, SCAD, 2014

Directing the Documentary, SCAD, 2016

Directing the Narrative, SCAD, 2016

History of Cinema, SCAD, 2015

Survey of Film, SCAD, 2016

Producers Practicum, SCAD, 2016

Experimental Filmmaking, SCAD, 2016

Music Video Production, SCAD, 2016

Thesis I, II, III, SCAD, 2017

*SCAD: Savannah College of Art and Design

*KSU: Kent State University

*UA: University of Akron

*AABbK: All About Dance by Kristen

*TACA: Theater-Arts Career Academy 

gallery of films that have inspired me
I watch new film releases and take myself on cinematic surveys (by director, film movement, country, or theme) almost every day. It's literally impossible for me to isolate my love for cinema into just one work, so here are a series of favorites that will introduce you to my sensibilities. 
Most Recent Work
I'm currently taking a trip through the past and working on a 'Stills and Story' exercise with some recently scanned 35mm film from the '90s and 00's. Take a look at the snippets:
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