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Nina Di Salvo is an award-winning Filmmaker, Production Designer, and Photographer from a small midwestern town near Akron, Ohio, USA. 

Her pursuit in the theatre industry launched her opportunities to travel across northeast Ohio, Chicago, and Orlando where she honed her character work and physical storytelling skills as a performer. She later went to film school at the Savannah College of Art and Design where she worked in a variety of positions on over 68 collaborations in Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, Tennessee, and North Carolina. She also had the opportunity to photo document the Kent State University's geography department trip across Peru in 2013 and work as a production designer for a short film in Rome, Italy back in 2017. Nina loves the nomadic element to film production and adores being able to travel alongside her work.


Nina is a self starter who is often required to wear multiple hats during projects, which has pushed her creative abilities and communication skills. Often working on independent projects outside of work, Nina is constantly creating, applauding others work, while sharing her creative finds along the way.

Based in Cleveland, Ohio, but always on the go, Nina works professionally as a freelance film programmer, essayist, and producer.


• Working with Case Western Reserve University as their Video

   Production Coordinator.

• Developing exciting new content with Ninas Film Notes

• Watching far too many documentaries 

• And am accepting freelance directing, research assistant, and AD work from anywhere and everywhere.


Let's keep in touch!


Selected Companies and Brands I've worked for:

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Directing Reel

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BTS Photography

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Gallery of "Favorite Films"
I hate the "what's your favorite film?" question. It's impossible for me to isolate my love for cinema into just one work, so here are a series of favorites that will introduce you to my artistic sensibilities, type of content that I'm attracted to, and the visual media I would like to make with you.
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