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A look at Moss and the music in Alex Ross Perry's 'Her Smell'

Critical essay/Opinion

Selected by's film curators and highlighted on their homepage for nine straight days. This was Nina's first publicly released film essay.

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History hasn't happened yet, but is just beginning in Kelly Reichardt's 'First Cow'

Critical essay/Opinion

"Kelly Reichardt is one of the strongest voices in independent cinema today, writing, directing, and editing her films with distinction. Her singularity of vision, particular focus on the culture, characters, and landscape of the pacific northwest, and sense of...

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Nina's Film Notes

content creator and video editor

A fiercely femme retrospective film survey of cinema for a new audience. Yeah it's good, but what's the takeaway?


The purpose of this account is to create an online community of cinephiles, artists, and curious souls where they can be exposed to great films from the 20th century. Everyone craves a "new movie" but sometimes new releases just don't fit the mood, represent the times, or inspire. There are so many films from the 90's, 80's, 70's, 60's, and all the way back to the 1890's that are so richly relevant, entertaining, moving, and create a shake. In a world of constant content creation we often forget about the great films that are already behind us. Let's remember together.


The old is always new again.

i n s t a g r a m


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"Le Mepris" and Falling out of Love

Critical Essay/Opinion

We’ve all experienced failed relationships, whether romantic, friendly, or familial; however, no one walks into these human-to-human relationships knowing that they will not, or could never, work out. And yet, they so often do...


"Le Bonheur": The Happiest Infidelity story of All Time

Critical Essay/Opinion

Wholesome, idyllic, and sweetly tragic were the first few descriptors that came to mind after watching Agnes Varda’s third feature film “Le Bonheur.” The film centers on an intimate family in a small town — their happiness, love for each other, and contentment. Their lives seem perfect, and as you later find out, they actually are...


"Vivre Sa Vie" and loosing yourself in the gig economy

Critical Essay/Opinion

Most of us don’t grow up with the aspiration of becoming a sex worker, it’s often the result of circumstance. In fact, many of us don’t end up in the professions we initially craved, or set after, but instead are satisfying roles that were available during times of vacancy...


"Jeanne Dielman, 23 Quai du Commerce 1080 Bruxelles”: A Plea for Women Everywhere to Live Your Own Damn Life

Critical Essay/Opinion

Jeanne Dielman is about 20th century womanhood, living and being ruled by socially constructed routines, abiding by them, and loosing any sense of individuality or purpose while meeting those socially-enforced expectations....


"Milk": Setting the Tone for Andrea Arnold's Body of work to come

Critical Essay/Opinion

"With gritty, reckless realism, Andrea Arnold’s first short film “Milk” paints a portrait of a woman’s physical and emotional response to having a miscarriage. The resulting aftermath may be uncommon and uncanny, but the emotional backing behind Hetty’s actions are...


"Dog": Waking Up to your Own Reality

Critical Essay/Opinion

"Andrea Arnold is known for revealing the dark underbelly of society and specific, commonly stigmatized, groups of people in it — “Dog” is no exception. Following an unnamed Girl, the film reveals the overly-stereotyped, under-individualized persona of a young, teenage girl who grows up in an abusive household. We see the cliques: tight, revealing clothing, a mother whose every uttering is a verbal abuse, the exchange of weed in a dirty apartment, and rapey, unprotected sex. With these details in mind, one could...


"Wasp": Single Motherhood and all its setbacks

Critical Essay/Opinion

"The film begins with Zoe, flustered and looking to spite, as she runs down the stairs with her four children in tow — her infant child, whom she cradles on her hip, is without a diaper the moment was so rushed. The clan of ladies storm the streets until they find themselves outside a neighborhood home, with Zoe banging on the door outside. Once the door is opened, a fight ensues. It is clear from the words exchanged during the scuttle that Zoe has been called a bad mother and she doesn’t like that...


"Red Road": A stunning debut feature crafted under unexpected circumstances

Critical Essay/Opinion

"Red Road is Andrea Arnold’s first feature film and was created under unconventional circumstances. With three regarded, distinctive, and affecting short films under her belt, Andrea Arnold was selected by filmmakers of the Dogma-95 movement to be one of the three directors in the “Advance Party.” This initiative/challenge gave three…

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