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An idealist in a fallen world, Nina Di Salvo creates surreal, fantastical, daydream-like media set in our everyday world. She is a filmmaker, writer, and major cinephile who aspires to be aesthetically compatible with the minds of Mia Hansen-Love, Joanna Hogg, Alice Rohrwacher, Edward Lang, Jennifer Fox, David Lynch, Josephine Decker, Richard Linklater, Julie Taymor, and Eric Rohmer. Whenever she's not taking herself on a 'cinema survey' or reading filmmaker autobiographies, biographies, and memoirs, Nina is most likely strolling through the parks of NYC, Brooklyn, and Hoboken, hopping in second hand bookshops, or hovering over a too-hot cup of coffee.


Fascinated by the separation between our interior and exterior lives, the constant flow of connection and disconnection, mental disorder, and our own alternative realties, Nina is in a constant state of observation and discussion. Most of Nina's stories appear light, feminine, and innocent, but in actuality, shield a darker reality, intention, repression, or flaw. Nina enjoys things that are falling apart, people or place, and the messages we tell ourselves to keep it all together, fact or fiction. There is an element of fantasy in all our lives, something that is both romantic, bright, and light, as well as mysterious consuming, and dark.

Nina is currently writing her first feature film, Vada, while continuing to work on video and short form projects. She has worked for the Walt Disney Company, Sony, WGN America, Mobile First Entertainment, Production on Fifth, Liberty Films, Jazz at Lincoln Center, SCAD, and with various independent artists. Nina is also a production designer who would love to art department assist on your productions.

Get to know Nina through her favorite films, can you guess which ones they are?

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