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Nina Di Salvo is an award-winning Filmmaker, Production Designer, and Photographer from a small midwestern town near Akron, Ohio, USA. 

Her pursuit in the theatre industry launched her opportunities to travel across northeast Ohio, Chicago, and Orlando where she honed her character work and physical storytelling skills as a performer. She later went to film school at the Savannah College of Art and Design where she worked in a variety of positions on over 53 collaborations in Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, Tennessee, and North Carolina. She also had the opportunity to photo document the Kent State University's geography department trip across Peru in 2013 and work as a production designer for a short film in Rome, Italy back in 2017. She's a bit of a nomad, always ready and willing to travel.


Nina is a self starter who is often required to wear multiple hats during projects, which has pushed her creative abilities and communication skills.

Based in New York City, Nina continues to refine her artistry as she explores the various opportunities the gig economy has to offer. She would love to collaborate with you on the next project!


Accepting freelance film production, editorial, and prop styling work from anywhere and everywhere.
Open for portrait photography sessions locally in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Hoboken, and Jersey City.
Always seeking the next great filmmaking endeavor!



Savannah College of Art and Design, B.F.A. Film and Television Production, Magnum cum laude, 2017
Geography, Geology, Anthropology

A.P. Human Geography, THS 2012

Introduction to Geography, UA 2012

World Geography, KSU 2014

Geography of Europe, KSU 2014

Special Topics in Geography, Peru, KSU 2013

Earth Dynamics, KSU 2012

Earth Dynamics Lab, KSU 2013

Cultural Anthropology, KSU 2013

Art and Architectural History

Art History I, SCAD, 2014

Art History II, KSU, 2013

Architectural History I: 1600-1850, SCAD, 2016


Drawing I, SCAD, 2014

Drawing II, SCAD, 2015

Design I, SCAD, 2014

Design II, SCAD, 2015

Color Theory, SCAD, 2014


Pre-Cecchetti, AADbK 2010

Cecchetti I, AABbK 2011

Cecchetti II, AADbk 2012

Jazz, AADbK 2011-2012

Jazz I, KSU, 2012

Modern, UA 2012

Tap, KSU 2013


Fairy Tales, KSU, 2013

Gender in Literature, KSU, 2013


Introduction to Business, SCAD, 2015

Microeconomics, KSU, 2014

Production Design

Fundamentals of Design I: Scenic and

Property Design, KSU, 2012

Fundamentals of Design I: Lab, KSU, 2012

Fundamentals of Design II: Costume and Lighting Design, KSU, 2013

Fundamentals of Design II: Lab, KSU, 2013

Stagecraft, TACA, 2010

CAD, TACA, 2010

Scenic Design, TACA, 2011

Script Analysis, SCAD, 2015


Performance I, KSU 2012

Acting for the Camera I, SCAD, 2015

Voice I, SCAD 2016

Method Acting Workshops, TACA, 2010

Suzuki Method Workshop, TACA, 2011

Chekov Acting Workshops, TACA, 2011


Introduction to Film, SCAD, 2014

Preproduction, SCAD, 2015

Introduction to Screenwriting, SCAD, 2015

Lighting and Field, SCAD, 2015

Post Production, SCAD, 2015

Introduction to Sound Design, SCAD, 2014

Directing the Documentary, SCAD, 2016

Directing the Narrative, SCAD, 2016

History of Cinema, SCAD, 2015

Survey of Film, SCAD, 2016

Producers Practicum, SCAD, 2016

Experimental Filmmaking, SCAD, 2016

Music Video Production, SCAD, 2016

Thesis I, II, III, SCAD, 2017

*SCAD: Savannah College of Art and Design

*KSU: Kent State University

*UA: University of Akron

*AABbK: All About Dance by Kristen

*TACA: Theater-Arts Career Academy 

BTS Photography

Technical Skills


Sony FS7

Canon C300, mark ii

Nikon D5300

Location SOUND

Zoom H4N Recorder

Various Shotgun mics

Various Lavalier mics



Joker Bug






Grip and rigging


Combo stands

Mambo stands

Various mounting hardware




China Ball/Lanterns

Dana Dolly

Spotlight Operation

Theatrical rigging


Adobe Premiere Pro





             After Effects

             In Design

             Media Encoder

Screenwriter 6.5

Movie Magic Scheduling and Budgeting

Avid Media Composer

Pro Tools

Google Suite

Microsoft Suite

Google Sketchup



Hand Saw

Table Saw


Miter Saw

Band Saw

MIG Welding

Oxyacetylene Welding

Impact Drill

Hammer Drill

Socket Wrench



Electric Stapler

Hand drafting

Scenic Painting

Hanging Chandeliers, gallery walls, sconces, mirrors, curtains and hardware

Furniture builds

Property management and organization

Antiquing, Buying, Resourcing

Set Dressing, Staging, styling

Floral arranging

Sculpting, hand modeling

Set deconstruction and cleanup


Sewing Machine

Hand Stitching


Ironing, Steaming, pressing

Buying, Renting, Styling

Property Management and organization

Gallery of "Favorite Films"
I hate the "what's your favorite film?" question. It's impossible for me to isolate my love for cinema into just one work, so here are a series of favorites that will introduce you to my artistic sensibilities, type of content that I'm attracted to, and the visual media I would like to make with you.
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