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Out of Place

This video art installation is a visual allegory for feeling out of place in your environment.


I was the director, producer, and production designer for the short film, developing the concept and driving the success of the film every step of the way - including pitching/booking crew members, scouting locations, creating the shot design/imagery with my DP, assisting with mask creation and workflow, rehearsing with my actors, organizing transportation, directing actors and crew on set, ensuring safe, productive, and high morale conditions on set, and monitoring the project through post production



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What is to be Believed

This hallucinatory, dreamlike short film follows an unshown narrator as she walks through the woods to clear her mind. While walking the trails, she sees an extension of her mental sorting in the woods, an image combining the narrators reality, environment, and imagination. The image is of a woman holding clearly fake and seemingly real flowers, sometimes open and waiting, sometimes giving, and other times scowling and scornful. The image continues to haunt the narrator during her evening walk, her memories and premonitions of the future continue to haunt her.


A majority of my dreams take place in the woods, with varying scenes, symbolist imagery, and words dancing/existing to the right and left of the path I'm walking along. Essentially this film, shot over a weekend, was a chance for me to mirror my minds nighttime memory and imagination sorting session.

At the time of creating this film, I was in a complicated female friendship with a woman who revealed herself to others, and eventually me, as a compulsive liar. Time and time again, I tried to see it how she presented it, despite her stories being clearly fictionalized, because I wanted to believe her, justified her reasons, and looked for any excuse to continue believing her - even when her words were harmful. I believe this dream I kept having over that period, was symbolic mirror of the complicated feeling I was having over her 'gifts', her flowers, her fake, manipulative, moving, fabricated words. Several petals, several words, turned into many flowers, many sentences, and an eventual bouquet of manufacturing. This film was very therapeutic and cleansing for me to make and I hope it brings some sort of value (or at least visual stimulation) to you as well. 


This video art installation is a visual collage of scenes epitomizing the definitive, projected female narrative women feel obliged and smothered to live by. For many of us, the words imprinted on us by others move us, mold us, change us, manipulate us, it's called being a people pleaser and as a woman we were socially conditioned to be submissive creatures. This project is a compilation of 16mm footage shot with a few friends over the course of a few hours and long tedious nights on scraping for footage, sound, and imagery to further supplement the narrative.


A quick note on the production and costume design because I would like to take this oppurtunity to highlight a few details.




The Mark I Missed

This experimental short film is visual allegory for feeling out of your environment.

Nina was the director, producer, and production designer for the short experimental film, creating the concept and driving the success of the film every step of the way - including crew building, location scouting, establishing the visual language with my DP, assisting mask creation, leading the flow and execution of production, and monitoring post.

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