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product photography

Hide and squeak designs

Nina made custom mouse ears as a stress reliever while a student at SCAD and gathered a few friends to model them for her around Savannah and Tybee Island, GA. This was her first planned, paid, multi-location shoot and she is still vary nostalgic for it. Nikon D5300.

portrait series

Rachel Johnson

We found a new trattoria on the upper west side, but first we took some photos in central park. Natural light. Nikon D5300.

product photography

It's Poppin'

Nina made a set for some supplements in an attempt to memorize them all. Used rubber cement to attach sequins to foam core, then covered the sheet in cellophane. Placed each product on a wide, short foam cylinder and laid pink bubble wrap over top for the pedestal. Shot on Nikon D5300 with natural light.