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Product Photography

Product photography

Book haul

I built a set and took some photos of my books during quarantine. iphone 8+.

product Photography

Hide and Squeak Designs

Nina made some custom mouse ears ("Pass the Pasta") using various form of pasta and never got around to staging an on-location photoshoot. So during quarantine, she hung two tablecloths on a clothes rack, made some fresh pasta, then pulled over an old morning room table for a self-shoot in the foyer. Natural light. Nikon D5300.

product photography


I am a notorious hoarder. It's actually very hard for me to get rid of personal items because of the stories/memories attached. While in quarantine, I went home to Ohio and cleaned through my parents basement, and all of the books, art, and various props I left behind. Here are some photos of the things that were hard for me to donate.

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