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Feature Narrative

Experimental, Psychological, Romance, Mystery

An experimental, impressionistic, visually poetic depiction of the division between ones internality and external persona as seen through VADA, a painter whose entire self image is sculpted and reformed by her relationships.

A chameleon driven by reaction, Vada is 28 and feeling completely disassociated from her own "identity." A people pleaser from origin, she finds herself continuously conforming to what others think or wanted her to be, starting from her upper class parents who had her as a next 'life step' but realized quickly that they never wanted an actual relationship. This trend of doing anything to be loved continues when, at age 16, she becomes involved with her art academy professor, who becomes her first love.

The film showcases Vada's acknowledgment of pattern, severing from definition, and tender-todder to and from the past.

Feature Narrative

Coming of age, Drama

Kayla just graduated and her degree means nothing; returning home after four straight years of non-stop stress, adult acne, and a ton of baggage, Kayla drops off her bags at her mom's place and leaps into the arms of her long term high school crush, the ultimate fuck boy himself, Zach Hannis.

Drama ensues as Zach's interest swell and fade (her emotions bending and swaying according), a nerdy engineer steps into the picture with means to woe, and her high school friends find post grad success or question even trying anymore.

Battling the single life, casual relationships, and the loss of what could have been her 'soul mate' (do they even exist?), Kayla endures, enjoys, and sometimes manages the plagued transition between 20 years of schooling and the actual, untaught, version of adulting.

short narrative

Coming of age, Drama

Fearlessly herself, despite her 'alternative' perspective of the world at the ripe old age of seven, Margo is not afraid to die and actually looks forward to it.


Misunderstanding death as a fantasy world like the one you read in storybooks, Margo's vision of death is informed by her mother, Maggie, who had an outer body experience and died after a serious car accident. After experiencing heaven and making the decision to come back, Maggie finds herself in regret, really only coming back to take care of her daughter. So, needless to say, death is seen as a happy thing in the household, 'when the time comes.'

Seen as a child who 'doesn't understand things' and a nuance to the class, Margo's already strong opinions don't mesh well as she deals with the bullies, new friendships, life as an outcast, and Tiffany's dead dog.

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